About us

Established in 1983, Superior Grouting Service Inc. started out with one pump and a very spirited owner who sold and completed each and every job. That spirited owner, Ron Rumpza, diligently worked to grow the company through his persistence and dedication. Since its inception, Superior has continued to evolve in becoming the exceptional specialty grouting company that it is now.

Specializing in creating solutions that get results, Superior Grouting’s team of experts have years of experience in creating specialty grouting mixes and innovative designs to achieve stellar results for each complex project we face.

In 2012 Superior Grouting expanded its focus by adding a new technology to the mix of solutions it offered. Now, not only offering cementious specialty grouting it has moved into a new arena by adding a polymer based grouting and injection process. This new technology has opened the door to a whole new world when it comes to the evolution of solutions we are now able to provide our customers.

2017 will be a milestone for Superior Grouting Services Inc. Entering our 34th year in business a new refocused excitement is emerging. Now known as Superior, the company is moving forward with a renewed focus and updated look. Continuing to evolve and always on top of the newest technology and innovations has kept Superior ahead of the competition by always offering the best and most creative solutions to achieve stellar results on the most challenging of projects.