When confronted with having a concrete repair project completed, most people want to know what a foremost expert in the field would do to their own home. We at Superior would like to give you all the facts and ask all the questions you should ask when undertaking a concrete leveling project. We will present what is available, explore the advantages and disadvantages and discuss why they are important.

As with any choice in products and contractors, some are not what they promise, and it may be what you don’t know that creates a problem for you if you purchase it. We hope this information is valuable no matter what you decide to do with your project.

The first question we need to ask is: Why should I fix my sinking, unlevel slab?

Here are some good reasons:

  • The problem will get worse. Once a slab is cracked and sinking, it simply won’t get better with time. In fact, it only gets worse and as it gets worse, guess what? The solution costs more.
  • Resale value. Who wants to buy a property with unlevel driveway, parking lot, sidewalk or floors that are unlevel?
  • Appearance. Concrete that is out of level can often cause ugly cracks not only in the slab itself, but also in any structure that is resting on top of the slab. This means cracks in brick, drywall, plaster of any other material the structure is made from.
  • Safety. Have you ever been walking and tripped over a section of concrete that was a different level than the rest? Those trip hazards can be dangerous and open you up to unwanted liability.
  • Water intrusion. Cracks in a concrete slab allow elements from the outside, inside. Cracks let in water, or at the very least moisture, which can damage things in a variety of ways.
  • Pooling water. As concrete cracks and settles, it creates a perfect environment for water to pool, and what happens to the pooled water when has sat for long periods of time? That’s right it becomes slick, causing more safety concerns.
  • Structural damage. As a concrete slab begins to crack and settle, the structure above it will crack and settle as well. This can cause doors to stick, windows to band and structural damage throughout the structure.

Sometimes when we live with a problem long enough, we can almost forget that is there. But make no mistake, concrete that is out of level won’t fix itself, and over time the additional problems and damage becomes more and more seriously and costly.