Whenever there is an elusive answer to a geotechnical project we often get the declaration, “Just call Ron!” Having been raised in the concrete pumping business and starting his own company in the early 80’s Ron has the expertise to help people find a creative and thoughtful answer to the most challenging of projects, making Superior the “Go To” company in the Houston and Gulf Coast region.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ron migrated to Texas in 1978 and established Superior Grouting Services in 1983. Starting out with one pump and a can-do attitude, he worked diligently to sell and completed each and every job on his own. Our spirited and fearless leader did not stop there he meticulously worked to grow the company through his persistence and dedication. Since its inception, Superior has continued to evolve in becoming the exceptional specialty grouting company that it is now.

With the support and devotion of the strong team he has formed, Ron likes to spend his free time at this ranch near San Antonio with family and friends or traveling to tropical destinations. If he is not flying around the country, you may find Ron on the ice for a hockey game or roller blading around the countryside. Having to endure the strong, but crazy, crew he had put together, Ron is an avid listener of music just to keep sane.

Offering a Superior experience and a stellar result, Ron takes pride in finding the perfect answer to your elusive geotechnical project.


Vice President

With over 15 years in the geotechnical field, Erica is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Jumping in to handle “whatever” needs to be done is right up her alley. With her background encompassing Sales, Operations, Service and Manufacturing-related experience her approach is the day is not over until the job is done.

A native of Nebraska, Erica is a diehard Husker fan. If she is not on a four-wheeler, jumping out of a plane, or on the golf course you will probably find her in the kitchen with family and friends hosting a get together. Always a quick smile and a quirky thought, you just never know what may come out of her mouth.

Offering a Superior experience and a stellar result are all encompassed in the “Rainbow and Unicorn” philosophy Erica has, and the team has heard many times. A positive and upbeat approach to any situation is key to “wow” our customers every step of the way.


Operations Manager

Randy has over 20 years in the business and he definitely knows the ins and outs of grout. Following in his father and brother’s footsteps he was raised in the concrete pumping business. Having started out by washing trucks and acting as the “gopher” as a small boy, it ingrained the meaning of hard work and dedication at a very young age.

Upon joining the Superior team in 1996 Randy has completed comprehensive training in a variety of geotechnical expanses. The process and flow of any job is run like a well-oiled machine under the keen eye and quick response time of our fearless Operations Leader.

Born in Colorado and raised in Texas, Randy is a diehard Broncos fan. If he is not on an extreme adventure or exploring the Rocky Mountains, you can most often find Randy with family and friends hosting a BBQ. Always a quick smile and a kind word, Randy delights the customers with a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Our mission is “To be the best in our industry. To “wow” our customers every step of the way.” Randy takes personal responsibility to “wow” each customer on every job.


Office Manager

Karie comes to Superior with a wealth of knowledge in managing the offices of diverse organizations. Having worked in both small business and corporate America, her love of the family business as the “back bone of America” lead her to Superior.

Upon joining the Superior team Karie has taken the company to a new level. Quickly becoming the “shining star” of the office her belief that the customer is always first has filtered through the entire organization. Through keen processes and decisive actions, she has a grip on everything she reins.

A native of Illinois, Karie’s heart and family are all now in Texas. Creating new adventures as she explores her new home town, Karie really enjoys meeting new people. An avid music buff, of all types of music, you are apt to find her at a live venue tapping her toe to the music. Hanging with her family, rollerblading or biking you are not apt to find Karie sitting in one place very long.

Karie takes personally the Superior moto and makes it a point to “wow” each customer with every encounter.



Michael (Mike) Cimino is originally from Salem, MA. He moved to Houston in 1996 to get out of the cold and hasn’t looked back.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for 23 years as everything from the dishwasher to Head Chef, he knows the meaning of hard work and dedication. Mike moved into sales about 12 years ago and loves the challenge and excitement of meeting people and helping them accomplish their goal.

Upon joining the Superior team Mike has completed comprehensive training in the lifting, stabilization and realignment of concrete. Quickly becoming a Polyurethane professional, he knows what to look for and how the job needs to be done correctly the first time.

Having never met a “stranger” Mike was honored with the ability to talk with anyone. If you don’t find Mike at the gym, he is most likely cooking or relaxing with family and friends.

Our mission is “To be the best in our industry. To “wow” our customers every step of the way.” Mike takes personal responsibility to “wow” each customer on every job, and is a trusted and valued member of the Superior team.