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Concrete Leveling

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Don't Replace - Raise It!

At Superior Grouting, we are your trusted professionals for all your concrete leveling needs. Our team utilizes the SUPERIOR Polylift method to provide a fast, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly solution for lifting, leveling, realigning, stabilizing, and void filling beneath concrete or asphalt slabs supported by sub-grade soils.

With our high density, lightweight, 

concrete lifting foam

, we can quickly and effectively solve your concrete problems. We take pride in being a leader in concrete foam leveling, soil stabilization, and infrastructure sealing. Our clients can trust us to deliver top-quality service and solutions for their projects.

At Superior Grouting, we stand behind our work with a strong warranty to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Whether you are in a government agency, large corporation, or any other area, we are here to provide you with professional and reliable service.

Advantages of Polyurethane Injection for 

concrete leveling services


Fastest pavement and slab lifting process

75% cost savings

Ranks above all other methods in safety, accuracy, predictability, and noise

Virtual elimination of traffic interruptions

No slab bottom breakout

Not subject to erosion washout or consolidation

Prevents water infiltration

Materials light weight adds little weight to distressed subgrades

Use SUPERIOR Polylift in concrete lifting, leveling and stabilizing applications for:

Roadways / Pavement / Sidewalks




Runways / Taxiways

Bulkhead Repair

Bridge Approach / Departure Slabs

Contact Superior Grouting for estimates on 

concrete raising services

. Our field experts will meet you at your location to give you a free estimate. Please visit us at to view all of our 

concrete lifting services

. 281.894.4175

“Houston’s Original Concrete Leveling Company Since 1983. Superior – Our Name Says it All”

At Superior Grouting, we know that dealing with sunken concrete can be a real pain. Not only can it be unsightly, but it can also be dangerous and potentially cause damage to your property. That's why we're here to offer a solution that won't break the bank – instead of replacing your concrete, let us raise it for half the cost! Our polyurethane injection technique is fast, easy, and affordable, and it's guaranteed to level out your concrete surfaces.

Workers repairing machinery in industrial setting.

What's more, our new process using smaller 5/8" injection holes means that we can preserve your concrete's aesthetics. Our concrete raising process is also incredibly fast, clean, quiet, and noninvasive, thanks to our precision technology. This means that your daily activities won't be disrupted, and you can start using your newly leveled concrete surfaces immediately.

At Superior Grouting, we're committed to providing environmentally-friendly solutions to common problems. By choosing our polyurethane injection technique to lift the slabs underneath your concrete, you're making a responsible choice for the planet. So why replace your concrete when you can raise it with Superior Grouting? Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

Water Pooling

Pools of water on roadways caused from inadequate drainage design cause unsafe operating environments for vehicles resulting in hydroplaning or even losing control. Pooling can also cause slippery road conditions from algae for Pedestrians. Resolving water pooling issues is typically a high priority to eliminate Public Works and Commercial-Industrial Property exposure.

Concrete Sinking

Concrete settlement and uneven floors affect commercial properties and office buildings everywhere. Whether the building was constructed on poorly compacted fill, water infiltration underneath the slab caused washout of the soils, or air leakage from under-performing duct work below the concrete resulted in shrinkage of the subgrade, this settlement causes significant damage to the interior finishes of the structure. Often, the damages are so severe that businesses are forced to cease operations until the problem is corrected.

Uneven Concrete

In many warehouse environments, minor voids under the slab or under control joints cause concrete flexing or displacement which creates unsafe working conditions, as well as maintenance issues with equipment. These voids are typically caused by traffic flow of heavy machinery coupled with poor compaction of the soils beneath the slab. As the slabs begin to flex or settle, sags within the concrete and displacement at the joints often disrupt efficiencies and productivity within the warehouse.

Pavement Settlement

Settlement of highways and roadways is a problem that Departments of Transportation across the country are tasked with correcting on a regular basis. As expansion joint materials break down over time and allow water to penetrate below the slab, and the subgrade below the concrete compresses as a result of heavy traffic flow, sags often form in the roadway. These sags create difficult and unsafe driving conditions to the general public.

Worker applying sealant on warehouse floor.

The PolyLift system, which is a concrete foam leveling solution, offers many advantages over traditional methods of repair such as mudjacking or tear out and replacement of the concrete. By using a high-density 

concrete raising foam

 that provides a superior solution to fill voids, densify the soils below the slab and lift and level concrete, 

concrete leveling cost

 is significantly less than tear out and replacement costs. Where concrete raising cost is a key consideration, the PolyLift system offers an effective solution with little or no disruption to normal workflow, quick cure times, high compressive strength, and minimal disruption during installation. Superior Polylift requires a smaller 5/8” injection hole, which means preserved concrete aesthetics when performing concrete leveling and repair services. Alternatively, Mudjacking utilizes a soil cement material mixture and 2 inch diameter injection holes. Some of the primary benefits of PolyLift system vs Mudjacking is the fast cure time, size of the injection holes, weight of the material and speed of installation.

Superior PolyLift

Superior Polylift is a foam injection concrete leveling solution that raises concrete via thermal expansion of the material. Interior and exterior applications where speed of installation and quick cure time are critical to ensuring little or no disruption to normal business operations, the PolyLift™ system offers a long-lasting concrete leveling repair solution.

Mudjacking / Slabjacking

Developed in the fifties as the original concrete leveling and jacking solution, Mudjacking raises concrete via hydraulic pressure once the void space has been filled. This application is ideal where large voids exist under concrete.


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We will walk through your challenge step by step and see what we can do to assist you in finding a solution. It is always good to gather as much information as possible. Do you have engineered plans, specifications, pictures, sample logs, or geotechnical reports? What ever you have can be beneficial is knowing what we are dealing with.

Site Visit
Often it is best to do a site visit to be able to gather as much information as possible.

Someone from our team will meet you on site, being able to see what the issues are firsthand is often very beneficial. It allows us to see what constraints we have in equipment placement, the overall scope of what we are working with and to verify that this is the exact cause of the issue and not just a symptom of something larger.

Propose a solution
Once all information is gathered, we will work with our team and yours to put together the best possible solution.

Working together with our team and yours we can then come up with a solution to conquer the obstacle at hand. Whether it is a one day job or a more complex solution, our goal is to make sure you get the results you need.


Superior Grouting is the original concrete leveling contractor and premier concrete raising services company in Houston – serving Texas, the Gulf Coast Region and surrounding States. We have more than 35 years of experience in concrete raising and leveling. Superior Grouting has state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians to provide clients the best results.


Established in 1983, Superior Grouting Services, Inc. is one of the best known and most reliable concrete leveling services in Greater Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast Region. We are a family owned business established in 1983 to provide small line grouting services to general contractors serving the underground utilities, oil & gas, commercial & industrial properties, railroad and public works markets. Coming from the concrete boom pumping industry in the 70’s and early 80’s, the owner had extensive experience in the concrete pumping world. Having placed over one million cubic yards in the Houston market he saw a segment in the industry that needed a specialty contractor with the knowledge and expertise to execute conventional and non-conventional projects, thus Superior was born. Starting with one MaycoC30 small line grout pump and a 1969 Chevy Truck, the owner sold and completed each and every job. Superior is a performance-oriented company that works with engineering firms and general contractors and continues to evolve into becoming the exceptional specialty grouting company that it is today. The owner, Ron Rumpza, has diligently worked to grow the company through his persistence and dedication by providing excellent customer service with a quality finished product on time and on budget. The broad experiences of our principle employees combined with unique construction methods and materials, has made Superior an authority in the fields of pressure grouting, compaction grouting, chemical grouting and polyurethane.


The foundation of Superior Grouting's success lies in building trust with our customers, employees, and suppliers. We believe in being reliable, honest, competent, and compassionate to earn the trust of our stakeholders and earn the right to grow. We conduct business every day with our core values, which include:







Our vision is to be the premier provider of Geo-technical Compaction, Polyurethane, and Pressure Grouting Solutions for Soil Stabilization and Concrete Lifting Applications. We cater to a range of sectors, including the Oil & Gas Pipeline, Underground Utility, Railroad, Public Works, and Commercial-Industrial Property Management Sectors, serving Texas and the Surrounding States. We are committed to providing the highest quality Remedial Grouting Services that are safe, reliable, and responsive to our customers' needs.

At Superior Grouting, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. We've earned a reputation as a trusted concrete solutions provider, delivering exceptional results for government agencies and large corporations across various sectors. We understand the importance of liability in our industry and take every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and the general public.

We recognize that oftentimes, finding the right grouting solution can be a challenge. That's why we are committed to providing personalized service to each of our clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and developing custom solutions that meet their requirements.


There are many variables to this question. In our experience we have performed concrete foundation leveling to raise an interior slab of a commercial building 17 inches.

In general, high density polyurethane foam will achieve 90 percent of its compressive strength within 15 minutes of application. Set up times are variable depending on the product used and outside temperature.

Reactions to produce polyurethane generate off-gases. Fortunately, the majority of the gases are contained below slabs and dissipate very slowly over time causing no adverse effects. However, in certain poorly ventilated situations, gases displace or reduce breathing air. Long term exposure to these gases can cause an allergic-like sensitivity to the product. It is always best to arrange for proper ventilation and also to wear a half mask with Organic Vapor / Acid Gasses respirator cartridges especially when working inside.

Cold weather impacts the reaction and it will result in up to 20 percent less yield but the same lifting results will be achieved. In the winter months, it is possible that the outer edges of exterior concrete slabs will be frozen to the ground. This situation may cause the middle of the slab to lift, but the edges to stay in place.

Project specifications may dictate the sophistication of the methods or equipment used to track weight or volume. Containers could be weighed before and after the project, installers could count calibrated strokes of the pump, or more expensive computerized equipment could be used to measure weight and volume by other means.

Again, it is variable depending on the product and the application, but, generally, in commercial applications, it takes about 4 to 6 pounds of foam to fill a cubic foot or 108 to 162 pounds to fill a cubic yard. The heavier the lift, the more dense the foam becomes and a 4 pcf foam could end up weighing 6 pcf.

Polyurethane will break down if exposed to ultraviolet rays, however, in a traditional under-slab application, this is not a concern. Under a slab or in the ground, the long-term durability of polyurethane has been researched via accelerated aging tests. These tests revealed that even in highly acidic environments, polyurethane is anticipated to break down less than 10 percent over 100 years.

Superior logo with geometric design, established 1983.

Superior Grouting is a top choice for various grouting services in Houston, the entire Gulf Coast Region, and the areas nearby. It holds more than 35 years of experience in the grouting industry. Also, Superior Grouting is known for using the best tools and state-of-the-art equipment in providing clients with the best results.

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