Polyurea Linings

Compared to heavier grouts, cellular concrete which is lightweight and highly fluid, is nearly self-leveling and will find and follow very small leaks. Special attention must be paid to ensure a closed, water-tight vessel or space is being filled, to reduce leakage and spills during placement.

Cellular Grouting is used primarily by the public works, commercial-industrial and oil and gas sectors. Common applications include: void fill, bridge approaches, utility abandonment, annular space grouting, tunnel backfill and load reducing backfill.

Pressure Grouting is the generic name applied to a number of applications requiring the pumping and injection of any number of variable grout mixtures.

Pressure Grouting is used primarily by the commercial and industrial sectors to fill voids under slab structures, as a backfill for ground modification projects, as a filler for the abandonment of underground pipes and when securing the annular spaces within underground utility structures.

The PolyLift™ System is a state of the art approach to repairing sinking concrete. PolyLift™ takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology.

Rather than using a mixture of portland and topsoil, this method utilizes high density polymers to raise slabs back to a desired level. This is done by drilling small holes (smaller than a dime) in the slab and then specially designed equipment is used to inject structural grade polymers into the void. After the void is filled, the expansion of the polyurethane allows for a precise lift and stabilizes the slab.

With more than 4.1 million miles of streets and highways, 19 million miles of underground utility lines and more than 16,000 wastewater treatment plants across America, ongoing maintenance is a critical necessity to ensure below-grade stability and above-surface safety are sustained. Superior Grouting works with Federal, State and Local government agencies to provide geotechnical and remedial grouting services, including Polyurethane and Pressure Grouting.

Our pavement lifting, trenchless infrastructure and culvert rehabilitation services are ideal for public works managers, engineers, municipalities, and state agencies.

With more than 350 million square feet of commercial & industrial property in Houston, Texas, alone ongoing maintenance is a critical necessity to ensuring below-grade stability and above-surface safety. Superior Grouting works with commercial & industrial property management firms to provide concrete remediation services.

  • Existing building foundations and concrete structures
  • Driveway/parking lots, warehouse floors, loading docks.

Superior Grouting specializes in Line Grouting projects of all types. Long distance pushes, minimal injection points where custom mix designs are required are our specialty.

  • Highly Flowable 2000 Ft plus
  • Custom Mix Designs for Sanded Grouts
  • Custom Mix Designs for Cellular Grouts
  • Zero Excavation
  • Cost Effective
  • Versatile & Fast

With more than 160,000 miles of track spanning America, maintenance is a critical necessity to ensure passengers and cargo reach their destinations safely. As a member of ASLRRA AREMA, Superior Grouting works with industry firms to provide geotechnical and remedial grouting services to the Railroad Industry including: Soil Stabilization to correct subgrade settlement beneath ballasts and lifting solutions for track crossings, joints, and switchovers with a focus on maintaining railway uptime.

Superior Grouting has partnered with Nukote Coating Systems to provide leading industry technology for the installation of Aegis® polyurea linings across a wide range of culvert and infrastructure applications.
The Nukote Aegis® System combines ultra-fast elastomeric product chemistries with Nukote 360 Ringtech® robotic application equipment to provide cutting edge solutions for both renovation and construction of liquid containment and distribution systems. Nukote Aegis® Liners are suitable for all substrates common to collection, storage, processing, and delivery of liquid systems.


Superior Grouting is a top choice for various grouting services in Houston, the entire Gulf Coast Region, and the areas nearby. It holds more than 35 years of experience in the grouting industry. Also, Superior Grouting is known for using the best tools and state-of-the-art equipment in providing clients with the best results.

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