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Beaumont, Texas is no stranger to the unique issues that can affect properties in the area. From foundation settling to water damage and soil erosion, property owners in Beaumont need reliable solutions to keep their properties safe and structurally sound. That's where Superior Grouting Services comes in. Our team of experts specializes in providing high-quality grouting services that can help address these issues and more.

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Superior Grouting is the top option among large corporations and government agencies in Beaumont, TX, who need various pressure grouting services in the Gulf Coast Region, and surrounding areas. We provide a range of grouting services carefully designed to exceed our clients’ expectations and completed according to the industry’s highest standards.

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Zero Incidents Is Always Our Goal.


We view safety as the highest priority, and that extends from the project throughout all levels of the company. For us, safety is not a slogan; it is a

It's a deliverable to our clients in the same way that cost, quality and schedule are deliverables.

Our Safety & Health Program is integrated into our process and requires project planning for successful implementation.


Superior Grouting Services, Inc’s recordable incident rate, as defined by OSHA, exceeds industry standards for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Construction Industry Institute (CII) contractor average.

We proudly rank in the top of U.S. contractors in Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers (DART), Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), and Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

Over the last 4 years, Superior Grouting's ratings for TRIR, DART and Fatalities are an impressive zero, as well as our EMR ratings of: 90, 91, 92, 90.

Pressure Grouting Services

Our employees attend numerous comprehensive safety training courses through the Houston Area Safety Council and additional courses in Beaumont, TX that are often site, company, or project specific. This allows us to incorporate the well being of each and every individual associated with a project as a function of the safety process and is a key determining factor in keeping your project on time and within budget.

Compaction grouting is a specialized technique for in-situ densification of compactable soft or loose soils. Firm grout is pressed into a soil mass to form an expanding bulb. Managing a controllable bulb of grout is the basis of this method.

Any soil capable of being mechanically compacted can be densified by compaction grouting. The amount and the strength of soil densification depends on the injection point configurations, the depth of the injections, the grout mix, and the amount of grout introduced. Compaction grouting in Beaumont, TX, is effective in most man-made fill, organic soil, sand, silt, peat, and most clays.

The increase of soil strength can be expressed by the Cone Penetration Testing Method before and after compaction.


Compaction grouting is handy: it lifts, levels, stabilizes, supports, fills, and densifies soil for new construction and enduring structures, and it also decreases machinery vibration.

Superior Grouting has performed many successful projects involving compaction grouting for:

Building Sites – Site improvement for structural support and prevention of soil liquefaction

Buildings & Structures – Foundation mitigation, ground stabilization, controlled lifting in Beaumont, TX

Machinery Pads – Controlled lifting and leveling, stabilization, vibration reduction

Tunneling – Surface settlement prevention, heading stabilization

Drilled Piers – Increased end bearing, lifting of settled piers, skin friction development

Pipelines – Lifting to grade without excavation, restoration of deformed pipes

Foundation Soil Densification & Strengthening

Compaction grouting in Beaumont, TX, can present an answer to the problem of differential settlement of structures. The versatility of the technique makes it the method of choice for soil densification in areas where access to the site with heavy equipment is difficult or where noise is a problem. Grout injection points can be angled to reach areas under a foundation that contrarily could not be reached.

Controlled Lifting

Compaction grouting can be used effectively for the controlled lifting of foundations, slabs, and other structures. Lifting takes place when the pressure at the bulb exceeds the weight of overburden, structures, and the shear strength of the soil cone above it. At that point, the soil shears, and the grout pressure lifts the soil and the structure built upon it. By the careful use of this technique, entire structures in Beaumont, TX can be lifted and leveled to precise specifications.

Prevention Of Soil Liquefaction

Compaction grouting can be effective in decreasing or eradicating the liquefaction potential in earthquake-prone areas. For ordinary sites or for existing structures, the procedure can be successfully employed to avoid soil liquefaction. For deep liquefiable soil layers, for remote sites, or for sites where noise is not allowed, compaction grouting is the primary choice for soil densification without vibration or impact.

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Cellular grout is an alternate name for cellular concrete fill. Cellular concrete is a type of controlled low strength material (CLSM). CLSM generally refers to flowable fill or mix designs specifically formulated for relatively low, but predictable, strengths. The “cellular” in cellular grout points to the preformed cellular concrete foam used to create the material. Rather than sand and stone aggregate, cellular Low Density Controlled Low Strength Material has equally distributed air bubbles. For certain projects in Beaumont, TX, sand is applied, but it’s at much lower quantities per cubic yard than traditional CLSM. This lowers unit weight significantly. Foaming is achieved by truck batching or constant production.

Types Of Cellular Grout

Cellular concrete fill in Beaumont, TX can be either pervious or non-pervious. We generate non-pervious material using CreteFoam preformed cellular foam concrete in Beaumont, TX, which is manufactured by Richway Industries. We use CreteFoam preformed cellular concrete foam to generate pervious material. Both varieties start with the same base 0.5 water : cellular cement ratio slurry.

Typical Neat Mix Designs

Neat mix cellular cement grout is created using a straight slurry, usually 0.50 water : cement ratio. For applications which need to be poured on slopes, 0.45 water : cement ratio slurry can be used. The slurry grouting in Beaumont, TX is combined onsite with pre-formed foam such as CreteFoam, either in a ready mix truck or in-line, depending on the design volume & other limitations. Cellular concrete typically ranges from 20lb/cuft wet cast density up to around 90lb/cuft. These densities provide forces from around 50psi to higher than 1,000psi. Density is effectively infinitely variable within that range.

Relatively common mixes are 20PCF, 30PCF and 70PCF. 20PCF wet cast density is the go-to mix design for maximum load reduction. Pervious cellular grout is used in areas where low unit weights are required, and buoyancy can’t be balanced by overburden. 30PCF is a relatively common mix for pipe abandonments, annular space grouting and other utility-related work.

70PCF material is also used to provide weight reduction compared to traditional CLSM or other fill materials when buoyancy must be absolutely avoided. Pervious cellular grouting concrete must be protected from adjacent soils with geotextile fabric. Superior Grouting uses 68PCF wet cast density material in cases where pervious cellular concrete can’t be used, and buoyancy is a concern. 1,000psi compressive strength is required for some annular space grouting work. Superior Grouting uses 70PCF west cast density material to meet this specification.

Typical Sanded Mix Designs

Sanded mixes are used to economically achieve high wet cast densities. The first slurry for sanded cellular grout consists of around 2,000 pounds of sand per cubic yard, 600 pounds of cement and around 800 pounds of water.

Sanded base mixes can be used to completely ensure no buoyancy of cured material; the oven dry density of 75lb/cuft material is 68lb/cuft, assuring that regardless of how dry an environment is, there are no possibilities of material buoyancy. 75lb/cuft sanded lightweight foamed concrete fractures around 200psi at 7 days and 300psi at 28 days.

Cellular grout is an engineered portland cement slurry combined with precise amounts of density controlled foam. The portland cement slurry and foam are mixed producing a lightweight mixture containing evenly distributed air bubbles. Cellular grouting in Beaumont, TX, is becoming more and more commonly used and accepted within the engineering and construction community as a technology for filling voids. Some important applications include but are not limited to: pipe abandonment, voided slab fill, decommissioning and abandonment of underground tanks and structures, mine stabilization and abandonment, and annular space grouting.

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Polyurethane grouting in Beaumont, TX is cleaner, faster and less disruptive than cement grouting. From commercial floors to interstates, and everything in between, polyurethane grouting is economical, fast and effective for correcting settlement and instability.

Advantages Of Polyurethane Grouting

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting in Beaumont, TX shines related to cement-based grouting fundamentally due to cleanliness, speed and control. These unite to reduce overall costs compared to cement-based grouting. 

Polyurethane foundation repair in Beaumont, TX, can be used instead of cement-based grouts for processes such as compaction grouting, slabjacking, void filling and leak sealing. Polyurethane grouting is:

Cleaner – Polyurethane foam concrete is the cleanest concrete lifting and stabilization process. Because the injection equipment is mechanically connected to the slab or structure, and mechanical seals engage when not injecting material, no loose material is added to the repair area. Waste material is easy to clean as it cures very quickly.

Less Disturbing – Polyurethane foam foundation repair is the quietest and fastest process for stabilizing and raising settled concrete slabs. Because of the small hole size, drilling is fast and quiet, and there is virtually no noise associated with the injection process itself. The equipment for polyurethane injection in Beaumont, TX is self-contained in a box truck or enclosed trailer, which can be parked up to 210 feet away from the injection point.

Immediate Traffic – Foot traffic during work is functionally OK, and after the project is complete, people can walk in the area. Polyurethane foam injection concrete lifting in Beaumont, TX, is not affected by foot traffic during the injection process. Vehicular traffic may resume immediately after work is completed. This includes heavy loading such as trucks and industrial equipment like fork lifts, and even trains.

Fast – Polyurethane grout injection crews in Beaumont, TX can lift up to 12 times faster than standard slab jacking or mud jacking crews in many situations. Because of the small hole size and ability to lift larger areas per hole, polyurethane grouting is much quicker than slab jacking. Because of the equipment design, upon arriving on a job, polyurethane grouting crews are typically actively lifting slabs within 10 minutes of arrival for typical repairs.

Lightweight – Lightweight material reduces the overburden on underlying soils, reducing the chances for resettlement. Even the highest density polyurethane foams used for polyurethane grouting are significantly lighter than alternative lifting and stabilization materials. This reduces the amount of additional burden weight placed on the underlying soils. Geotechnical polyurethanes are an excellent choice for lightweight fills, because of their exceptionally low unit weights (down to 2 PCF) and fast cure times (few minutes).

Waterproof – High density polyurethane is waterproof, so treated slabs are thoroughly undersealed. Polyurethane can also be installed in water, so flow testing or water stop applications with active flows are not a problem. Because of the near-immediate curing, water stopping jobs in Beaumont, TX are fast and easily tested on site to ensure efficacy of the repairs.

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Pressure Grouting is the universal name applied to various applications requiring the pumping and injection of any number of variable grout mixtures.

Pressure Grouting is used primarily by the commercial, industrial, and municipal divisions as a filler for the abandonment of underground pipes, the grouting of annular spaces within underground utility structures and void filling.

Abandonment Grouting Service

Excavation and removal of abandoned underground pipes can be very costly in Beaumont, TX, but abandoned pipes often cannot simply be left as is. In fact, in certain cities and states, the law now requires that any abandoned pipe be removed or adequately grouted so that it will not collapse in the future.

Pressure grouting can help reduce several problems caused by the presence of abandoned pipes:

Migration of groundwater and hazardous fluids into the pipe

Build-up of explosive gases in the pipe

Collapse of the pipe, leading to settlement of the overlaying structures

Annular Space Grouting Service

Annular space grouting is the method of filling the area between a host pipe and liner pipe in re-lining applications and very common for grouting casings with internal conduits in electrical duct banks.

Pressure grouting annular spaces pose additional challenges. Superior Grouting has mastered the art of annular space grouting with over three decades of experience. We have extensive experience in placing sanded grouts and cellular grout mix designs.

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Commercial building foundation leveling in Beaumont, TX, is a therapy that can be utilized to fix unequal or busted concrete surfaces. Typically, concrete leveling foam in Beaumont, TX, can be used as a choice to concrete replacement. It is a much less invasive in addition to a lot more economical selection that can provide you with a smooth, degree location.

The Superior Grouting concrete foundation leveling in Beaumont, TX, makes use of the SUPERIOR Polylift method, by injecting a concrete lifting material right into the voids below the concrete surface. This point will pack the voids along with lift the concrete surface to produce a level area.

There are numerous concrete lifting solutions materials that can be utilized for slab lifting, yet concrete raising foam in Beaumont, TX, is a suggested option. This product is light-weight along with additionally easy to use, along with it can use you with a solid, degree location.

Concrete leveling foam is injected under the concrete surface to increase along with additionally level the concrete. This product is high density and also furthermore lightweight, as well as in addition it can utilize you with a long lasting, degree area.

Superior Grouting utilizes unique concrete leveling services equipment in Beaumont, TX, that prospers for concrete slab leveling in Beaumont, TX. This equipment is capitalized on to inject the slab lifting material right into the voids below the concrete surface.

The concrete lifting cost in Beaumont, TX, will absolutely vary trusting the dimension and also additionally variety of the work. In a great deal of circumstances, concrete raising services in Beaumont, TX, can be an extra affordable option than concrete replacement.

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Superior Grouting Services opened business in 1983.

Our home office is in Houston, Texas. We service the Beaumont, TX and surrounding Gulf Coast region.

Not many companies can say that – but we can, and we produce on our experience every day. Our extensive experience and trusted leadership in complex grouting and foundation solutions have made us pioneers in finding geotechnical solutions. With a lengthy track record of performance in the public and private sectors, we pride ourselves on reliability, integrity, and service. This continued success is rooted in our staff, who endeavor every day to make Superior Grouting the best at what it does.

We carry the stamp of approval of over three decades worth of satisfied public and private sector customers in Beaumont, TX. From industrial, commercial, and municipal projects to levees, dams, tunnels, transportation, and water treatment plants, we have the staff, experience, and technology to provide an innovative, robust, and cost-effective solution.

Our efficient delivery, extensive experience and exceptional safety record makes us the right choice for your project needs in Beaumont, TX.

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